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Apply to GenEvo

Are you thinking about applying to GenEvo?
Perfect, we are currently looking for new PhD students to start in July 2022!

Have a look at the Projects Offered and apply via the online platform on Registration & Application.

Looking forward to welcoming you to Mainz!


Registration is now closed.


Our recruitment procedure

We want to attract the brightest, most creative and ambitious students in the field of life sciences from all over the world. We are recruiting in a highly competitive process based on the well-established selection strategy of our partner: the International PhD Programme (IPP). These are the steps you need to take in order to be admitted to GenEvo as a PhD student:

1) Registration
Provide us with your contact details and name at least 2 referees, who should be senior scientists and know you well.
Your nominated referees will receive a personalised link to the standard reference form and upload page. You will be notified by email when a reference letter is submitted.
Please note: We will not be able to consider applications until at least 2 reference letters are received. Therefore, please ensure that you contact your referees in advance to inform them of your intention to apply to the IPP and make sure that they are able to provide a reference in time.

2) Application Form
Once you have registered, you will receive a link to the online application form. Please provide the requested information and documents here. The application form must be completed in English.  

3) Interviews
After a thorough evaluation of all applications, we invite the best candidates for our interview days. Interview days will happen in April 2022.
The interview days give you a chance to get to know GenEvo, the GenEvo student community, the IPP, Mainz and your prospective new working group. You will be expected to give a short presentation and you will have interviews with several of our group leaders who will evaluate your performance.
We end our interview days with a farewell party which is joined by current GenEvo students.