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  • Address: Ackermannweg 4, 55128 Mainz, Germany / (Room 02.457)
  • Phone: +49 (0) 6131-39-21532
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"Being part of the RTG offers a great opportunity for collaborations and exchange of ideas in an international environment."


  • Since 2020:  PhD studies on Regulation of transposon transcription and translation in mammalian cells
  • 2018-2020:  MSc in Biomedical and Molecular Sciences,  Medical School of Democritus University, Thrace in Alexandroupolis, Greece
    Thesis:  Characterization of a novel helicase involved in the m6A pathway
  • 2013-2017:  BSc in Biomedical Sciences, International Hellenic University, Thessaloniki, Greece
    Thesis:  Computational prediction of activation/ inhibition of placental alkaline phosphatase (pALP) by Docking and in vitro control of estrone effect of ALP activity


Working Experience

  • 2018:  Student Assistant, at the Molecular Biology department of Papageorgiou Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Alexandros Lambropoulos
  • 2017:  Internship at Theageneio Anticancer Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece Country